Greed Has No Ears

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The intention to give everything to the people you love is part of everyone’s purpose in life, but the intent to disregard the right things to do to satisfy your own needs and wants is no longer ethical. It is acceptable to sacrifice things for the benefit of many, yet sacrificing the right thing for one’s own gain is considered selfishness.

Greed is not just about money, it’s also about power, manipulation, credits, and benefits.

The Social Climber

The moment I step onto the ground of this place, I felt that I was given another chance to do and get what I really want because I screwed the previous one. I want to make friends with many people and prove them of my worth as a newbie in this industry; providing them with my excellent experience and outstanding knowledge about my specialization. I want to show the world, the universe rather, that I am confidently powerful enough to control this system and worthy enough of their respect. The feeling of satisfaction grips my wrists to relentlessly mingle with worthy people; those who belong in an influential circle and who are authorized to manipulate the entire system. Oh! It’s so exciting to be one of the most powerful levels in this place wherein I can prove to everyone that I am above them all, I am better than them all. I don’t care of the feelings of those who live under; as long as I am providing hypocrisy with the hypocrites, life in this world will be very beneficial to my own kind. I hear things about myself, about everyone else; yet I can recreate another story for that to make me look good. I say, “I feel so bad. I was hurt. I just really want to help them” and act like the victim so I can get others’ sympathy. I can even try to disturb the culture and create a new one that I want. Just climb up and pull them down, and you’ll be on top of everyone. Pft! Easy!

The Referee

There may be times that I regret being in this position because I am afraid of being responsible of certain things, especially the difficult ones, but I enjoy being in this position because I can manipulate everything the way that I want it and not getting blamed. I am thankful of being above others because I get more than what I expected; the benefits are good, the advantages are awesome, so fuck it and just play it safe. I honestly think that standing in the safe zone is quite balancing the chaos in every society; though it somehow makes you look a little good, but not that bad. Just chill and go with the flow, as long as I am not neglected from the usual freedom and benefits I have. Well, no need to be involved in complicated situations because you can delegate it to those who look up to you. Just make sure that the accountability will never be uncovered and that those above me can still trust me despite the chaos; just keep it a secret and everybody will be safe. I may be scared of what people might think of me since I hold the torch out, but I can always let others hold it for me as long as being coward remains my secret and the norm will stay the same. Pff! Easy!

The Fisherman

It was never my dream to be a fisherman, but the older I get, the more I realize that fishing is quite an important skill in life. It is advantageous to be able to mingle with different kinds of people pretending that I am one of them to be able to get the kind of fish I want. There may be some trust issues when I am dealing with diverse community, but believe me, every person who is thirsty for credits and demands needs to learn how to go fishing. One might ask, “Isn’t it you belong there?” just say, “Not really, you can still talk to me though. Just trust me mate.” It might be never easy to go with the flow, but to cope up with the lifestyle I have, I need to be a fisherman to protect my treasure. Always place your position near power, so, you will always be given the authority to approve what you want. I can even divert the reasoning and place the credit on me; just make sure no one listens when I talk with someone from the higher seat. Besides, I am not just a fisherman in this island because I am The Fisherman singing, “It’s all about the money, money, money…” Duh! Easy!

The Pirate

The first thing that you must think are the pennies that you can get from different treasure boxes that you will encounter through your journey. That’s what I always say to myself to be able to save what I earn just for myself and use others’ extras to be my extras. It doesn’t hurt to take even a penny from other explorers as long as you collect it from different pockets. Even an old hook from another pirate is not that sinful; it’s not that valuable anyway. If I am given the opportunity to gain from what I am digging, then I don’t mind as long as I can claim a penny from it. Just pretend that you’ve worked hard enough for something, so you are worthy of the extras. I don’t care if I am stepping onto the sand of other people, they can just laugh it out anyway. I always tell myself to don’t mind what other people might think as long as I can benefit more than them. Aaaaarr! Easy!

The Politician

I have to make myself look good, so everybody will love me and see me as the great man. I told myself to make friends with those who are powerful enough, but vulnerable enough; so, I can share with them my strategic plans of manipulating the government. All I need to do is spread some unbelievable words throughout the country and make the society believe that I am the toughest and most trustworthy person in the senate. I need to spread my angelic wings to grab both the halos and tails of the listeners. I should whisper my angelic and demonic chants into their fragile ears to squeeze their necks. I can even pull other people down just to climb up ahead of them, then control them especially if it will earn the trust and respect of the people higher than me. A little push and a little whisper, and pffff! Easy!

The Puppet

I may be the umbrella during the rain, but sometimes I find it hard to deal with the people I hold beneath my umbrella. They say I am the nicest person in the street because I always listen to them during their hardest times, yet I can’t really predict their perceptions if they won’t comprehensively explain it to me. I will listen, yes, but once the previous thought is moved by a better one, I might let go of the lame one. I also thought that being the best puppet is to always follow what other people say as long as they present it to me properly and convincingly. I sometimes think that I need help from others because I often think that my ideas are lousy. I just make sure that I follow the easiest and cheapest path as long as I can keep the usual things I have and keep the trust of the people I need to manipulate me and keep the show running. Well… Easy!

Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness. Listen to it carefully. -Richard Bach



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